The 2013 Talent For The Title Winner’s Circle!

Talent For The Title Overall Winner- Saint Elmo’s Fire! ($1500.00 value)

2nd Place Overall- Rob Monahan! ($250.00)

3rd Place Overall- Matteo Corsi! ($100.00)

Judge’s Award- Judge No. 1, Brittany Dimmitt- Matteo Corsi                                       
Judge’s Award- Judge No. 2, Megan Barnard- Miranda Talbot                                     
Judge’s Award- Judge No. 3, Ken Haas- Til Wele or Wa                                              
Judge’s Award- Judge No. 4, Elinor Marsh- Tyler Ulrich                                               
Judge’s Award- Judge No. 5, Michael Ryan- Rob Monahan

Co-Chair Awards- Rob Monahan & Saint Elmo’s Fire


Junior Singer/Songwriter- Ben Baxter                                                                              
Junior Solo/Duo/Trio- Matteo Corsi                                                                                   
Junior Music Band- The Awesome People Who Play Instruments                                   
Senior Singer/Songwriter- Luis Hirschlieb                                                                        
Senior Solo/Duo/Trio- Rob Monahan                                                                                
Senior Music Band- Saint Elmo’s Fire

About talentforthetitle

Talent For The Title aims to foster the continued development of talented performers in the community.
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